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1: Internationalisation of teaching programmes

1. International student mobility

The University promotes student mobility through academic stays abroad, work placements and training courses in specialised institutions. The benefits of international mobility for the participating students include greater cultural understanding and preparation for a career in an increasingly international context.

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 ECTS definition
 Allocation of ECTS credits
 Course prospectus
 Application form
 Student transcript
 Grading scale

2. International tracks

Université Lille 1 is currently developing its offer a stage further by adding a real international opening in its teaching programme with the creation of international tracks which include intercultural modules, integrated mobility abroad, and language skill requirements. These international labels are awarded within the framework of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in accordance with specific conditions.

3. Programmes for non francophone students

In line with its cooperation agreement policy, Université Lille 1 is reinforcing the facilities it offers foreign students, particularly students from non French-speaking countries. Foreign students may take specific optional programmes which include French language, culture and civilisation courses followed by a progressive transition to other disciplines. The students enrol the following year in the normal Université Lille 1 programme and, in certain cases, may be eligible for a double-diploma (that of France and the student’s home institution)

Key figures

Over 2900 foreign students join Université Lille 1 every year, 400 through exchanges programme and 2500 as free-moving students

   - Mobile students

› 350 partner Universities around the world, in Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia, China, India and Japan

› Exchange programmes which involve:
- 391 students in partner universities
- 240 work placements in foreign firms

› Hosting programmes for foreign students
- 357 incoming students in Université Lille 1 programmes

   - International programmes

› 16 international programmes resulting in doubles diplomas, joint diplomas or internationally-recognised diplomas.
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