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Bilateral funding

The Exchange Research Programmes (PAI), now called Programmes Hubert Curien (PHC), have been developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, National Education and Research.

45 PHC have now been set up with various countries, the list of which can be found on Egide web site.


An ‘exchange research programme’ is a research project jointly drawn up by two research teams, one French and one foreign which, following evaluation, receives financial backing from both countries.
The aim of the PAI is to promote scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between the research laboratories of the two countries by developing new co-operation agreements. The PHC are designed for public or private research laboratories attached to higher education institutions, research organizations or firms.
In France, the scholarships and grants allocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, for certain, by the Ministry of Youth, National Education and Research, are used to finance the ‘extra international costs’ of the projects (transport costs and living expenses), excluding remuneration, running costs or investment expenditure.
To maximise the creation of European research networks, it should be noted that it is possible to submit applications for the same research subject to several different PHC. Evaluation and selection procedures remain in accordance with the usual rules governing the PHC concerned by the application.

Where to find calls for applications and how to apply

- calls for applications may be consulted on the PAI administrator’s EGIDE website : http://www.egide.asso.fr/pai
- applications should be completed and sent on-line to the EGIDE extranet.
- the sites also include detailed information about selection criteria, assessment procedures, funding, intellectual property, the release of results, etc

Other sources of bilateral funding

Franco-German University : http://www.dfh-ufa.org/

Franco-Italian University : http://www.universita-italo-francese.org/

Franco-Dutch University : http://www.ufn-fnu.org/

Transmanche University : http://www.kent.ac.uk/registry/european-office/transmanche/kent-fr.htm

Franco-Algerian High Committee : http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/actu/article.asp?ART=39690

ECONET Programme: It's a programme devoted to actions developed by research organisations and Universities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Balkan countries and the New Independant States.

COFECUB Programme: (French Committee of Evaluation of the University and Scientific Cooperation): this programme is managed by Paris 13. It coordinates and evaluates the cooperation with Brasil.




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